Two pillars of Soulcraft’s mission are education and community.  On the education side, there is a great need both for training children and adults in the trades.  But education in the shop goes beyond the learning of skill:  it is about the development of divergent thinking and problem-solving on concrete issues of own’s own design and authorship.  Because we believe so strongly in this educational mission – and not just for school-aged children – our work naturally brings us together with the community and into collaboration with like-minded organizations.  Here’s a sampling of some recent collaborations.

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Cleveland High School for the Digital Arts – The Dragon

Upcycle Parts Shop – The “Art Cart”


The Upcycle Parts Shop is a fantastic creative business and neighbor in the St. Clair-Superior neighborhood.  They champion re-use and upcycling materials for greater purposes (especially for art!).  Because they do so much programming in and for the community, they needed a mobile unit to go forth and bring art to the people.  We collaborated with them to create this mobile “Art Cart” that totes great upcycled material and converts into a work surface.  David (pictured) can be found all over town doing art with the community.

Birchwood School of Hawken – Design-Thinking