How many participants per Artist team?

There will be eight (8) Lead Artists who will work with teams of 8-12 Community Participants each.

How will the Artists and community participants be chosen?

The application for artists to  participante closed on February 25, 2019; the application for Community Participants can be found here and will remain open through March 1.   There is a Selection Committee of representatives from the Arts and Education communities in Cleveland, including a representative from each of the project partners.

Can the artist choose any of their team members?

Artists may choose up to four members of their team.  The remaining team members will be paired with the Artists from the applicant pool of Community Participants.

What are the Artists’ time commitments?

Each Artist will attend two (2) “Visioning” workshops; two (2) Marquetry Workshops (for Artists only); and two (2) “whole team” marquetry workshops with the their team.  Thereafter, Artists will coordinate with their team and the Project team at Soulcraft to participate in “Open Studio” sessions to complete their vision. We estimate the entire project could take an artist between 50-80 hours to complete, however, the eventual commitment will be based on the scope of each team’s vision.

What are the Community Participant time commitments?

Each Community Participant will participate in two (2) mandatory “whole team” Marquetry Workshops, and at least two (2) other workshops.  Thereafter, Community Participants will coordinate with their Artist Lead and the Soulcraft team to attend “Open Studio” times in order to complete their portions of the project.

What days and times of the week will the work be done?

There will be workshops weekdays (6-9pm) on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays;  Saturdays (2-5pm); and Sundays (1-4pm). “Open Studio” times will follow a similar availability, but there will be options during the weekdays during the day for participants who have availability.

Can community participants work on the project independent of the Artist being there?

Once a team has mapped out their vision and completed the initial mandatory Marquetry workshops, the community participants may do work on their portion of the project even if their Lead Artist is not present.  They will work with members of the Soulcraft team on execution of their portion of the project.