FORUM – Public Art Project

Example public work of Studio Weave.

LAND studio and Soulcraft Cleveland, with the generous support of the Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation, are collaborating on public art project, designed by Studio Weave. But it is not just for the public, it is made by the public. There are opportunities for paid artists and free workshops for public participants, regardless of background or skill.

Read on for more information or click on one of the options below to get involved (Links to Applications in the each document linked below, or can be found at the bottom of this page)!

MEET “FORUM” – A public art project by Studio Weave

Sketch-level design of FORUM

The project, Forum, will consist of a pavilion designed by Studio Weave, a London-based art and architecture firm. One of Forum’s most unusual features will be its ceiling, which will be created using marquetry, the art of making images from pieces of thin veneer placed together to form patterns, designs, and pictures.

Example of Marquetry

Eight artists will work with as many as 100 community members to create the individual pieces that will be used to make the ceiling. Some community members will be directly invited to participate, while others will be selected from the applications received. Our goal is to have diverse participation that reflects the great mix of people who call Cleveland home.


Forum is a project of LAND studio’s Landform program, which has been made possible by the Fowler Foundation. Landform’s purpose is to produce public artworks to enhance the public spaces of downtown Cleveland, including Public Square, the Mall, and the immediate surrounding area. The program draws on the talents of both local artists and artists from other places. Landform projects to date have included Olalekan Jeyifous’s “Protest,” Julia Christensen’s “Waiting for a Break,” and the colorful animal sculptures of the Cracking Art Group.

Forum, a public art project by Studio Weave

Previous work by Studio Weave

In keeping with Studio Weave’s other work around the world, Forum will employ a colorful and unusual take on a building type that is commonly found in public parks. What will possibly be Forum’s most distinguishing feature will be its wooden ceiling that will consist of multiple arches covered in artist-designed marquetry. “Home” and its many meanings will be the underlying—or, more accurately, overarching—theme of the ceiling artworks.

Ceiling details

Soulcraft is a community access shop for the general public, for personal use or classes

Soulcraft Cleveland is facilitating the design, fabrication, and installation of Forum’s decorative ceiling. Installation is planned for summer 2019. Forum’s footprint will measure 24 by 36 feet, and it will reach a height of 28 feet at the peak of its roof.

Example of Marquetry

The ceiling will comprise a series of intricate arches and will be constructed by eight artist-led teams of local residents. The ceiling will be done in marquetry, the craft of creating images, abstract or representational, from the piecing together of wood veneers. Eight artists will lead teams of local residents—many of whom will not be artists— in creating the 40 individual artworks that will constitute the ceiling.

How community members will work together to make the ceiling

Community members will work in groups of up to 12 under the leadership of an artist. The artists, who will be trained in marquetry, will conduct a minimum of 10 workshops with their groups. During the workshops, participants will work on their drawing skills and learn about marquetry. Each group will then produce some of the panels that will be used to create Forum’s ceiling.

There will be a limited number of spaces available, so, if you are interested, please apply as soon as possible! Application for Paid Artists positions HERE. Application for free community participation HERE. Work will begin in late March and conclude in June. There will be no cost to participate.

Join Us for a Community Event, February 20 6-9pm at Soulcraft, to find out more about this project. RSVP HERE.

About the Project Partners

The Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation is committed to improving the lives of residents of Northeast Ohio through support of programs working to transform lives in education, health care, and the arts. It is funded exclusively by contributions from Char and Chuck Fowler and their daughters Chann and Holley. 

Soulcraft Cleveland is about re-discovering the dynamic value of working with one’s hands and the creative community which naturally arises when a group of people engage in such a discovery.  We are a community-access design and fabrication shop with a full woodshop, metal shop, and tech shop.  We incubate young designers, offer classes to the general public and educational institutions, and collaborate with institutional partners to bring hands-on creating and making to the Cleveland community.

LAND studio is a Cleveland-based nonprofit dedicated to transforming and revitalizing public spaces in Cleveland and its neighborhoods through collaborations in public art, creative design, and dynamic programming.

Studio Weave is an award-winning RIBA-chartered architecture practice based in London. It balances a joyful, open-minded approach with technical precision to create a diverse body of work in the UK and elsewhere for public, private, and commercial clients. It values idiosyncrasies, from the characteristics that make somewhere unique to the particular skills of a master craftsperson. Studio Weave aims to harness the strengths of a project and its team to create something distinctive and of exceptional quality. 

Since 1917, Cleveland Metroparks has been committed to a mission of conservation, education and recreation. As Cleveland Metroparks looks ahead to the next 100 years of growth and beyond, it guides itself with “Cleveland Metroparks 2020: The Emerald Necklace Centennial Plan.” The plan is based on five strategic goals—protection, relevancy, connections, “come out and play,” and organizational sustainability.